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From Francis Galiegue <>
Subject Enhancement review process?
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 19:07:32 GMT

It has been now three weeks since I opened this enhancement request:

I am confident enough with this patch that I actually use it instead
of the existing RemoteAddrValve (since my implementation doesn't get
confused by ::1 just to cite an example), but it has now been ten days
and I haven't had a single comment on things to improve etc. How are
enhancement requests reviewed? How long does it normally take for such
a request to be considered for inclusion?

Francis Galiegue,
"It seems obvious [...] that at least some 'business intelligence'
tools invest so much intelligence on the business side that they have
nothing left for generating SQL queries" (St├ęphane Faroult, in "The
Art of SQL", ISBN 0-596-00894-5)

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