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From Sylvain Laurent <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1163807 - in /tomcat: tc7.0.x/trunk/ trunk/
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:40:56 GMT

On 1 sept. 2011, at 12:11, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
> 1. What happens when someone creates a tag (aka svn copy) in another
> svn client? Should one remove the value, or leave it as is?
The value should be left as is. The next person that uses subclipse may update the value to
include the reference to the new tag in the property value
> 2. It duplicates information that is already in repository.
> If it were just configuration value (e.g. "see tags there")...., but
> it lists all nn tags.
> 3. The property value on /tomcat/trunk was wrong.
Indeed, I should not have added it to /tomcat/trunk , only to /tomcat/tc7.0.x/trunk
> - it should not have been added there. You wouldn't list 7.0.x tags on trunk.
> - /tomcat/tc7.0.x/branches is not a branch
> A branch would be /tomcat/tc7.0.x/branches/<name>
Yes, my mistake
> Also message in this commit did not reflect what it did.
> 4. When I performed a trunk->7.0.x merge (see another email from
> yesterday) this revision caused property update conflict on
> 7.0.x/trunk. Maybe because of 3. above.
Yes, if I put the property only on /tomcat/tc7.0.x/trunk there won't be any conflict
> 5. What you, personally, use it for?
> What are your practical benefits? Seeing tag names in history?
Yes, I find it very convenient to see the history of changes on a file and the version of
tomcat that includes the change.

> If you really use it  and will add all TOMCAT_7_0_x tags to
> /tomcat/tc7.0.x/trunk, and will maintain it onwards, I personally do
> not mind.

ok, I will do it

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