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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 51624] Request is not forwarded to servlet... goes to 404 instead.
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 08:57:18 GMT

--- Comment #11 from Rui <> 2011-08-10 08:57:18 UTC ---
> If "." is valid, Tomcat would deploy "." and it will also detect every
> directory in "." (because it's the same as appBase) and separately, deploy them
> as applications -
well in practice, i don't know if "." is valid, cause i never tried.
i do know that "" works nice.
understand that i'm not saying that what i have been doing is good practice...
but has never given any problems either (until the odd bug).

> each of those dirs is presumably missing a WEB-INF/web.xml,
sorry, got lost here... my web.xml works fine.

> which means that no security constraints are applied.
maybe... so how come no warning or error is reported.
i only use one.

> The extra applications
> take priority over the ROOT application (as they have a longer context path),
> so any requests to resources in them would be unprotected.
... i've only been using my single app, maybe that's why i got away with my old
config ;) 

> Now please, join to the Tomcat Users list (not because I'm user, but because
> *you* are) and we'll explain all of this to you, if you still don't understand
> why you are wrong.
i will not do that, because i don't like having lots of accounts, so i will
refuse your suggestion (like most others in the past month only, or the 100's
in the past years).
i was just trying to help you, tomcat developers, since i use tomcat since
version 3 or less, and think is nice that we have open source available to
use... and the bug, still quite real to me... not that tomcat should accept my
"" or ".", but that, if is not supposed to accept than it is to deny or
complain about miss configurations... either way you have a bug and you
documentation should have one line more... come on... is less harder to write
(or just copy the one bellow) than writing all these emails or making user

i did solve my problem (mails ago), and not because you told me what it was
(initially you only said it was wrong) neither because the documentation
explains it... i just kind of guessed.

i still say that tomcat should report an error or warning, and the
documentation should explain this further, or at least say:

   you should not use "" or ".", but rather a path to a subdirectory, even if
deploying a single application, which may lead to broken security constraints
or the odd bug :P

... and thank you for this last much better reply.

[] r.

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