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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Hosting the current Tomcat Maven Plugin from mojo codehaus
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 08:15:33 GMT
2011/8/16 Mark Thomas <>:
> On 16/08/2011 08:39, Olivier Lamy wrote:
>> Hello,
>> So it looks the ip clearance has passed.
> Great news.
>> Perso, I'd like to maintain/improve the Tomcat Maven plugin in the
>> tomcat community.
>> Probably Mark too ?
> Yep.
>> The current feature I have in mind is supporting tomcat7.
>> How do we move forward now ?
> We need to move the code, the issue tracking and the mailing lists to
> the ASF and close down the old project (make it read only, add pointers
> to the ASF).
> I can help with some of this.
> The questions that spring to mind are:
> 1. Where in svn should the plug-in live?
>   /tomcat/trunk/modules/maven-plugin ?
Looks to be a good place.
> 2. a) Do we import history as well as the current code?
I'm not sure about importing all history. I have provided an export in
the ip clearance.
>   b) If yes, how do we can a complete export for infra to import?
> 3. a) Do we import all issues as well as currently open ones?
Yes I'd like.
>   b) What issue tracker is currently used?
Currently we use jira ( I
can ask for an export.
>   c) What issue tracker do we want to use (Tomcat uses Bugzilla)?
I usually prefer jira :-) (but NP to use bugzilla if everybody prefers that)
> 4. How do we want to organise things on the web-site? A new modules section?
Something similar to taglibs looks fine for me. As the web site is
generated by maven
> 5. How do we want to distribute this? As a separate component or bundled
> as part of a Tomcat release?
IMHO the best is a separate components with own release cycle.
Note there will 2 modules/plugins : one for tomcat6 and one for tomcat7
> 6. Do we have a separate dev and/or users mailing list for this?
No real preferences for this.
> 7. How do we make the existing project read-only?
I can take care of this with asking infra @codehaus for the jira project.
Usually we move svn path to
And update the web site with the new location.

> 8. Whatever I have forgotten above.
Celebrate this so long stuff ? :-)
> Mark
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