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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1163802 - in /tomcat: tc7.0.x/trunk/java/org/apache/catalina/loader/ trunk/java/org/apache/catalina/loader/
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 22:34:09 GMT
2011/9/1 Mark Thomas <>:
> On 31/08/2011 22:57, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>> 2011/9/1 Mark Thomas <>:
>>> On 31/08/2011 21:35, wrote:
>>>> Author: slaurent
>>>> Date: Wed Aug 31 20:35:22 2011
>>>> New Revision: 1163802
>>>> URL:
>>>> Log:
>>>> Fix
>>>> bug 51741: Eclipse WTP "Serve modules without publishing" broken with tc7,
needs patch in tomcat
>>> This should have been applied just to /trunk and then merged to 7.0.x/trunk.
>> This Sylvain's commit patches both trunk and 7.0.x at the same time.
>> Thus there is no need to merge.
> I know what the patch did. The point is that committing like this messes
> with the mergeinfo. It may (or may not) cause us some headaches at some
> point in the future. Given we don't have to commit trunk and 7.0.x/trunk
> together, I'd rather we continued with the current practise of trunk
> first and then merge.

I prefer this practice of updating trunk + 7.0.x at the same time for
small patches, e.g. documentation.

To check whether it causes problems or not:
I did a merge of trunk to 7.0.x for revisions 1155369-HEAD,
using svn 1.7 (a nightly of TortoiseSVN)

I had to start the merge command twice, because of conflict in
changelog.xml, and there was a conflict with subclipse:tags property,
but in the end it completed successfully.

Here is a list of modified files:
> svn status
 C      .
A  +    TOMCAT-NEXT.txt
?       dir_conflicts.prej
M       build.xml
X       modules\jdbc-pool
M       test\org\apache\coyote\ajp\
M       test\org\apache\catalina\core\
M       java\org\apache\coyote\http11\
M       java\org\apache\coyote\http11\
M       java\org\apache\coyote\ajp\
M       java\org\apache\coyote\ajp\
M       java\org\apache\jasper\
M       java\org\apache\tomcat\util\net\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\startup\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\startup\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\startup\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\core\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\core\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\ha\deploy\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\manager\
M       java\org\apache\catalina\manager\
M       res\maven\
M       res\ide-support\eclipse\stop-tomcat.launch
M       res\ide-support\eclipse\java-compiler-errors-warnings.txt
M       res\ide-support\eclipse\eclipse.project
M       res\ide-support\eclipse\start-tomcat.launch
M       webapps\docs\changelog.xml
M       BUILDING.txt

Performing status on external item at 'modules\jdbc-pool':
Summary of conflicts:
  Property conflicts: 1

../loader/ is not on the list and that means
that this change has been successfully skipped (and that is what
svn:mergeinfo is for).

I think that such skipping is called "implicit mergeinfo".
I cannot say how it would behave with 1.6 svn clients (I hope it
works, but I heard that 1,7 has improvements). Svn 1.7 is rather near
- the first release candidate was released today and release expected
in a month (after the "soak" period).

We already did such updates to trunk+branch when working on 6.0.x and
I prefer to keep this practice.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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