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Subject svn commit: r1162283 - /tomcat/tc5.5.x/trunk/STATUS.txt
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 23:03:30 GMT
Author: kkolinko
Date: Fri Aug 26 23:03:30 2011
New Revision: 1162283

simplify the vote. I think the updated Mark's patch addresses the concerns.


Modified: tomcat/tc5.5.x/trunk/STATUS.txt
--- tomcat/tc5.5.x/trunk/STATUS.txt (original)
+++ tomcat/tc5.5.x/trunk/STATUS.txt Fri Aug 26 23:03:30 2011
 * Fix
   Display error page rather than an empty response for an IllegalStateException
-  +1: markt
-      kkolinko: I do not like removing the catch from CoyoteAdapter. It
-      looks safer the old way. JkCoyoteHandler does not handle Errors, just
-      Exceptions. It seems from the patch that all you need to fix this bug is
-        ep.setStatus(MsgContext.JK_STATUS_ERROR);
-      Can't it be done by CoyoteAdapter itself?
-        markt: In short, no. To correctly handle the error the associated
-               processor needs to set the error flag and catching the exception
-               in the CoyoteAdaptor prevents that. The processors catch
-               Throwable so nothing extra will slip through.
-               The JkCoyoteHandler is a special case since it is a completely
-               different implementation. However, JkCoyoteHandler does need to
-               be changed to catch Throwable rather than Exception. I have
-               updated the proposed patch to do exactly that.
-  -0: schultz: I tend to agree with Konstantin's assertion that the catch
-      block is important. I understand the change to the status, but could
-      you explain why the catch(Throwable) block has been removed?
-        markt: See reply to kkolinko above.
-  +1: kkolinko: OK with the updated patch.
+  +1: markt, kkolinko
 * Detect incomplete AJP messages and reject the associated request if one is

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