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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Distributable contexts and non-serializable session attributes
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2011 21:11:26 GMT
go ahead add it in, if you add in a flag to toggle the behavior, and the flag is defaulted
to today's behavior. you're safe, and you give 
users an option


On 7/10/2011 1:38 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> I implemented an addition to DeltaManager which allows to filter which
> session attributes actually get replicated (not yet committed).
> This is useful, because many applications
> - use non-serializable session attributes, so
>    it is not possible to simply replicate everything
> - do not actually need everything replicated, because they
>    can bootstrap all they need from a login context if a filter
>    detects, that a failover has happened.
> In these cases it can also help to reduce replication traffic a lot.
> Unfortunately I stu,bled into some code in StandardSession:
> public void setAttribute(String name, Object value, boolean notify) {
> ...
> if ((manager != null)&&  manager.getDistributable()&&
>    !(value instanceof Serializable))
>      throw new IllegalArgumentException
>          (sm.getString("standardSession.setAttribute.iae", name));
> ...
> }
> This means if you enable "distributable", then you can no longer set any
> non-serializable session attribute. The code is not recent, it goes back
> to at least TC 3.3.
> I understand, that it is helpful to devs being informed about
> serialization/replication problems. But I think it is too strict to
> enforce this in StandardSession whch is the base class of all our
> cluster sessions and we always delegate to
> StandardSession.setAttribute() after some cluster specific handling.
> The SPEC says:
> The container must accept objects that implement the Serializable interface.
> - The container may choose to support storage of other designated
> objects in the
> HttpSession, such as references to Enterprise JavaBeans components and
> transactions.
> - Migration of sessions will be handled by container-specific facilities.
> The distributed servlet container must throw an IllegalArgumentException for
> objects where the container cannot support the mechanism necessary for
> migration
> of the session storing them.
> (and some more in 7.7.2).
> I think checking for serializability in StandardSession isn't good,
> because AFAIK StandardSession isn't used by any mechanism Tomcat
> supports to implement "distributable".
> And in DeltaSession I would like to have the check optional, i.e. only
> check if the configuration wants the attribute to be replicated.
> By default all attributes will be replicated as is today, but by
> configuration one will be able to choose attributes to replicate using a
> regexp against the attribute name.
> Any remarks?
> Rainer
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