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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: extreemly simple request to add process name variable to catalina.out
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:07:26 GMT

On 7/7/2011 12:03 PM, Campbell, Lance wrote:
> Tomcat 6 enhancement:
> Please consider giving us the ability to change the process name for linux applications.
 I have identified all of the places I believe this needs to be done.
> Would you please consider adding the following to the file:
> 1) In the variable section at the top please add:
> CATALINA_PROCESS_NAME (Optional) This variable will set the linux process name to a particular
> 2) There needs to be an if statement that checks to see if a value has been passed to
CATALINA_PROCESS_NAME.  If there has been then the string "-a " needs to be appended to the
front of the value.  If not then the value would be "".
> 3) Then replace any occurance of "$_RUNJAVA" with exec "$CATALINA_PROCESS_NAME" .  This
will allow the process to be named.
I had no idea that bash's exec built-in allowed for this. Kind of cool.
Two question/comments:

1. You can pass any dummy argument to the JVM in order to do
   things like ps | grep if you just want to look for your process
   in the process table. Is there some compelling reason to replace
   "java" with "foo" in the process table? Example:

   CATALINA_OPTS=" ....  -DmySearchString ..."

   Then you can do "ps | grep mySearchString" and find it.

2. This will only work for bash, not for other shells. In order for any
   patch to be accepted, you'll have to include a test to determine
   whether bash is the current shell.


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