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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Tomcat Wiki] Update of "HowTo" by KonstantinKolinko
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 20:38:32 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HowTo" page has been changed by KonstantinKolinko:

Remove tip that suggests editing I think it is just wrong.

  b) Edit the file '''' under {{{$CATALINA_BASE/conf}}}; there is a property
called ''common.loader'' to which you can add additional paths to find JARs or classes for
the common classloader.
- == How do I get Tomcat to start when it says it can't find the file ''? ==
- If Tomcat was working fine the first few times after installation but suddenly refuses to
start up and gives the following error message:
- {{{
- $ ./
- Cannot find /path/to/tomcat/bin/
- This file is needed to run this program
- }}}
- Then all you need to do is to include the complete paths for the BASEDIR and CATALINA_HOME
variables in the files and respectively.
- This should be done even if CATALINA_HOME has been defined and exported previously on the
command line and/or in /etc/profile as well.  Moreover, this error message persists even though
the file is present in Tomcat's bin directory.
- {{{
- $ echo "BASEDIR=/path/to/tomcat" >>
- $ echo "CATALINA_HOME=/path/to/tomcat" >>
- }}}
  == How do I authenticate Manager access via JNDI to Active Directory for multiple Tomcat
instances? ==
  ADS insists that the CN of every group be unique, but the Manager app. always uses the group
CN=manager.  The default can be changed, but it's hard to find and you have to do it over
every time you upgrade.  Instead, pick an attribute other than the common name -- for example,
"description" -- that doesn't have to be unique, name it as the `RoleName` attribute of the
`Realm` (in server.xml, which you'll be editing anyway), and set that  attribute to "manager"
in each group you create.  Create an OU for each Tomcat instance's groups and give that OU's
DN as the `RoleBase` in that instance's server.xml.  Create a uniquely-named group in each
instance's OU with the chosen attribute ("description" for example) set to "manager".

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