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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Multiple
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:40:07 GMT
On 23/06/2011 08:42, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Noticing that e maintain two copies of jarsToSkip lists, one in
> and one in TomcatBaseTest, I was thinking about a
> test case to compare the two. I then stumbled over our
> "copy" in the startup package, which doesn't have a
> jarsToSkip at all.
> File java/org/apache/catalina/startup/ is identical
> to conf/ except for:
> -common.loader=${catalina.home}/lib,${catalina.home}/lib/*.jar
> +common.loader=${catalina.base}/lib,${catalina.base}/lib/*.jar,${catalina.home}/lib,${catalina.home}/lib/*.jar
> and the missing jarsToSkip block.
> I think there is no reason for these differences and that the file in
> the startup package should be the same as the default conf one we ship.
> Right?


> If so, shouldn't we simply remove the file in startup from svn, and add
> a copy to tomcat.classes from the conf version to the copy to classes
> part of the "compile" target? The file is also packaged into the src
> jars. For this we can add a copy from conf to startup at the beginning
> of the compile and add the file to the svn:ignore. Does that work for you?


> Concerning the skipToJars in TomcatBaseTest: What about making
> loadProperties in CatalinaProperties protected and use that one to
> populate the System Properties that are defined in
> That would also ensre, that we test against any other sysprops we add to
> the default, like
> tomcat.util.buf.StringCache.byte.enabled=true

Works for me. The more duplication we can remove, the better.


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