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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 51234] NumberFormatException in fmt:formatNumber tag
Date Sat, 21 May 2011 09:50:32 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Alexander Kupcov <> 2011-05-21 09:50:32 UTC ---
Thanks for the link to the specification JSTL, but...

>From javadoc (
============= cut =======
        Signopt NaN 
        Signopt Infinity 
        Signopt FloatingPointLiteral 

where Sign and FloatingPointLiteral are as defined in §3.10.2 of the Java
Language Specification.
============= end of cut =======

well, look at the The Java Language Specification:

============= cut =======
3.10.2 Floating-Point Literals
See §4.2.3 for a general discussion of the floating-point types and values.

A floating-point literal has the following parts: a whole-number part, a
decimal point (represented by an ASCII period character), a fractional part, an
exponent, and a type suffix. The exponent, if present, is indicated by the
ASCII letter e or E followed by an optionally signed integer.

At least one digit, in either the whole number or the fraction part, and either
a decimal point, an exponent, or a float type suffix are required. All other
parts are optional.

A floating-point literal is of type float if it is suffixed with an ASCII
letter F or f; otherwise its type is double and it can optionally be suffixed
with an ASCII letter D or d.

    Digits . Digitsopt ExponentPartopt FloatTypeSuffixopt
    . Digits ExponentPartopt FloatTypeSuffixopt
    Digits ExponentPart FloatTypeSuffixopt
    Digits ExponentPartopt FloatTypeSuffix

    ExponentIndicator SignedInteger

ExponentIndicator: one of
    e E

============= end of cut =======

I think that's enough. As a result, I think, JSTL ignores (or the developers
have missed this point) ExponentIndicator in floating point numbers.

What do you think maybe it's worth to fix a mistake?

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