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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48817] Skip validation query and use JDBC API for validation
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 23:00:03 GMT

--- Comment #18 from Glen Taylor <> 2011-04-29 23:00:03 UTC ---
Gah!  To my previous comment (#15), I wired up a Validator class which also
extends JdbcInterceptor (I'll attach separately).  Since ConnectionPool.init()
instantiates each defined JdbcInterceptor and then calls the poolStarted()
method, the idea was that the config values could be passed as properties of
the JdbcInterceptor, which would then apply those properties to the Validator
instance created by setValidatorClassName() in the poolStarted() hook.

Inexplicably, though, ConnectionPool.init() does NOT apply the configured
JdbcInterceptor properties - it just "new"s up an instance and immediately
calls poolStarted().  Why doesn't it apply the configuration properties like it
does in ConnectionPool.setupConnection(PooledConnection)????  So I can't really
think of an easy way to inject a configuration into a Validator without code
changes to jdbc-pool.

I'll attempt to attach my example (but now non-functional) Validator
implementation to the issue.

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