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From Tim Whittington <>
Subject Re: bindOnInit and maxConnections for AJP connectors
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 19:41:31 GMT
> Are those buffers ever discarded? I guess it comes down to whether the
> 8k buffer "belongs" to the connection or to the request. It looks like
> the bug arises from the buffer being treated like it belongs to the
> request when it really belongs to the connection.
> I agree, switching to a request-owned buffer strategy would certainly
> increase the memory footprint since you'd need a buffer for each pending
> request (which may be quite high when using NIO an/or async). Thanks for
> clarifying that.
>> If the fairness becomes a practical problem, reducing
>> maxKeepAliveRequests (100 by default) would force pipelining clients
>> to the back of the queue regularly.
> How would this work, though? If the bug under discussion arises from a
> connection essentially disconnecting one of these buffers from the
> request whence it came, doesn't re-queuing the request re-introduce the bug?

I was thinking of closing the connection (as maxKeepAliveRequests) does now.
The re-connect would go to the back of the queue.

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