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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: RemoteIpValve advices
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2011 18:36:45 GMT
On 29/01/2011 12:38, Henri Gomez wrote:
>> FWIW, Paul Fremantle gave a talk at ApacheCon NA this year where he
>> demonstrated Tomcat running behind AWSLB. I'm sure they have figured out
>> what changes are necessary to Tomcat to get it running in that environment.
>> Perhaps he's got some code he would be willing to share. Or, perhaps
>> he's not thought if this and would love to hear about this discussion.
> You got it, it's for AWLSB, in our case with used with Elastic
> Beanstalk instances.
> I'll send you a dump all all headers Tomcat receive when behind AWLSB.
> If you're interested I could even produce a complete AWLSB Valve, it
> could be usefull for Tomcat users, especially those using Elastic
> Beanstalk.

I'd certainly like to see some more information on this usage. With more
info we can figure out what solution makes the most sense. Anything we
can do to make Beanstalk easier to use is good although I would prefer
to keep it generic if we can. Amazon - if you're reading this - your
input to this discussion (or any other feedback) is welcome.


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