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From Sergio Coria OlguĂ­n <>
Subject Need for protocols and standards.
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 21:40:32 GMT

Dear Apache Tomcat Developers,

I would appreciate your comments on a paper that is entitled NEED FOR PROTOCOLS AND STANDARDS

This paper proposes to create a new paradigm on services for information search on the web,
involving new protocols and standards. For more than one decade, the current paradigm has
consisted in services that have been provided by a small number of private companies on an
advertising business scheme, mainly. This concentration involves a number of risks and disadvantages
to WWW users. One of the risks is the service vulnerability because of the large dependence
on the
infrastructure of one or two providers. Scalability might become into a concern because of
the huge increasing of information on the WWW. The current paradigm also involves economical
and political disadvantages because the providers decide which websites are allowed to be
listed or not as well as their rankings; this can bias the search results. Therefore, this
paper aims to suggest general lines for research and development for a new, global, non-for-profit,
paradigm for crawling, indexing and searching information on the WWW.

I hope that it can be useful to the developer community in the webserver software field. 

Please feel free to download it from this link:

I look forward to your comments.

Thanks in advance,
sergio r. coria

Sergio R. Coria
University of the Sierra Sur (UNSIS)

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