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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: Tomcat JDBC Pool in Tomcat 6.0.x / 7.0.x
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 14:12:54 GMT
> Several reasons:
> 1. It isn't a 100% compatible drop-in replacement. There are some
> features in Commons DBCP that jdbc-pool doesn't provide.

I was thinking at JDBC pool for Datasources management as an
alternative to Tomcat DBCP pool based on Common DBCP.

> 2. Every time Filip tried to get votes for a release (and the one time I
> did) the release failed to collect sufficient votes.

May be you could resend a new vote, there is many new commiters today,
they may be interested.

> There is nothing stopping you using it. Just set the factory attribute
> for the resource.

I know, but having it bundled with Tomcat is allways better,
especially when you are working with community edition of Tomcat.

>> Also, could it be deployed to Maven repo so it could be used and
>> deployed more easily ?
> No. Not until such time as it has an official release. (That doesn't
> stop it being added to the ASF snapshot repo).

Any date for official release ?
+1 to have it on ASF snapshot repo.



> I would also add:
> - SpringSource is using it as the default pool in tc Server. There have
> been a few bugs but it looks stable to me.

It's a gage of stability.
Default datasource factory could still use common-dbcp implementation,
but jdbc-pool could be provided also.

> - Commons is currently re-writing Pool and DBCP and using jdbc-pool as
> the basis.

Interesting, another sign jdbc-pool is a good implementation.

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