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From Wesley Acheson <>
Subject Re: Site redesign
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 20:04:00 GMT
Hi Some comments below. Sorry I've been on holiday for a bit and
haven't got arround to this.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Pid <> wrote:
> On 04/10/2010 15:00, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>> 2010/10/4 Pid <>:
>>> Hi,
>>> A talking point:
>> You mean, that is proposed for or for the ROOT webapp?
> It would be for
>> That style is OK for ROOT webapp,
>> but if that is for then I do *not* like it at all.
> That's OK.  It's just a starting point.

Afraid I agree with Kolinko actually on this one.  I find it a bit too
distracting If I'm looking for information.  Its different kettle of
fish to a simple splash page. I'd need to see an actual documentation
page to get the feel of what you intended for these pages.

>> The existing design has all pages and subsections listed in well
>> defined manner.
> Well defined perhaps, but not necessarily well organised.
> E.g. the link to the configuration section in each version of the docs
> is actually at the bottom of the LHS menu despite it's importance.

>> The proposed one has information scattered all over the place.
> The content of the page is for discussion, as I said.
> This is only the homepage, not a layout the whole site would be
> constrained to.  Different pages will need different layout templates.
> I'll propose a separate page template for the individual version docs
> index page*, and I'd imagine most other pages will fall into a more
> conventional LHS menu + wide page template.
> * E.g.
> I believe that adding a standard navigation bar & footer will
> considerably improve the usability of the site, as the LHS nav is
> currently over-subscribed.
Careful here. Most people scan the LHS for their navigation. You'd
really need a usability study.  Also note most people simply ignore

For the homepage I'd lose one of the upper two boxes, Personally, and
I'd keep what you have in the drop down for documentation in the box
that remains.

Latest news is also very important to a comunity so it shouldn't be
too far down the fold.
> What do you believe are the things that should be prioritised for the
> upper half of the site homepage?
> p
>> For the ROOT webapp that was OK because that app is effectively a single page.
>> Best regards,
>> Konstantin Kolinko
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Couple of usability issues I've noticed.

1. I think the contrast is too low as many people especially the
elderly may have difficulty descerning the text in the "main" content
2. I honestly think blue links are a useful benchmark for people.
Pratically all the sites on Alexa top ten have blue links on a white
background. Its what people are used to seeing and helps them quickly
come to terms with the overall structure.
3. The footer contrast is also too low. Again I think this may be a
bit pointless overall as most people ignore the conent.  Generally
when looking at the heat maps of someone eyeballing a website you find
that the shape that is formed is an F shape.
4. People generally expect the logo to be in the upper left corner and
for that logo to be a link back to the homepage. (Its not a problem if
its not a link back to the homepage on the homepage however.)
5. The titles of the sections change color on hover (in FF anyway) but
don't appear to be links.

Also the following is just my opinion but I'd prefer that the content
area on the right was on the left, this conforms more to users

Anyway thanks for listening. I'm not trying to be over critical but
just point a few things out.


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