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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Creating tomcat VFS
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 07:02:00 GMT

I'm working for quite some time on the light-weight
VFS layer (with the* as the only provider at
the moment) to be used as the Tomcat's physical file
system access. The ultimate goal is to be able to run
the Tomcat on top of things like Hadoop or similar distributed
file systems (eg. GFS) by just using the provider module.

Now, the amount of changes is pretty huge but it involves
mostly changing the* with the o.a.t.vfs.*
Since this "Pseudo VFS" has exactly the same API
(with the Java7 additions), no functional code change is needed.
Sure there are some additional config directives used
to define which parts are using which vfs provider as default.
(or by just using the
  root="file://web/apps" or hdfs://<host>:<port>/web/apps
  notion for non-clustered environments)

I'd like to create a sandbox project for that
(was thinking of /sandbox/tomcat-vfs)



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