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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Documentation for file serving and WebdavServlet
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 12:30:20 GMT
On 06.10.2010 10:58, Tim Whittington wrote:
> Hi all
> Working through
> there appears
> to be a lack of broader community understanding/documentation of how
> to configure file/resource serving in Tomcat.
> In particular the fact that DefaultServlet is a Servlet (and not a
> magic engine internal) seems to cause people to want to remap it), and
> the WebdavServlet is almost undocumented (except for a brief Wiki
> page). Useful features like sub contexts are also almost invisible in
> the docs (there's one sentence in the Context reference).
> What I'm thinking is...
> Add a section to the Default Servlet page:
> * What to do if you feel you need to map / to something else (e.g. #1
> don't, #2 use a servlet spec compliant rewrite filter, #3 use a
> sub-context, #4 go Tomcat specific and remap default)

TC 7: Aliases

> Add a Resource Serving section to the Tomcat 7 docs app covering:
> * Using DefaultServlet (brief discussion, linking back to main section)
> * Using sub contexts to serve resources (this is covered very briefly elsewhere)
> * Configuring and using WebdavServlet (standards support, web.xml
> setup, behaviour, configuration options, security considerations)

For class loader provided ressources: VirtualWebapploader.

> Add a mention of WebdavServlet to the Security Considerations section
> (e.g. protecting paths if you have a non-readonly setup).
> Some of this (especially the 'how to avoid mapping your servlet to /')
> might be Wiki material?
> Thoughts?

It would be a very good addition to the docs.



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