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From Wesley Acheson <>
Subject [OT] Difficulty creating working patch - renamed file.
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 14:23:04 GMT
HI All,

I'm not actually sure how OT this is or if the question belongs here.

This is semi duplicating some comments seen in a bug. However I think
its useful for anyone trying to create future patches who is
inexperienced like me, so I'm sort of double posting.

I'm trying to create a patch. However part of that patch is renaming a
file then modifying its contents. However when a .patch is created in
eclipse it appears to record the delete then record the changes to the
new filename. However as It hasn't got the new filename in SVN when
that patch is applied it breaks.

I've no idea how to record this properly as It appears that the
patches are always made against SVN directly. So I can't provide a
patch to rename the file then another patch to modify its contents.

Finally the question. How to create a patch that involves moving or
renaming a file and changing its contents.


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