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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Links to Sun/Oracle on welcome page
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:44:35 GMT
2010/8/25 Mladen Turk <>:
> On 08/25/2010 10:53 AM, Rainer Jung wrote:
>> What about linking to the Specs? Like
> Still, is it so important that this should be listed on
> the front page. We already have those links
> (should be updated for Tomcat7 BTW) in our documentation,
> so having that on the front page makes no sense to me.
> I'd rather have them completely removed.

I am +1 to remove spec links from ROOT/index.html

My thoughts are that
1) The specifications are PDF files. They can be downloaded once and
be kept offline, and nobody will need those links anymore.

2) If someone has wrote a webapp, it is too late to read the specs. ;)
They will come with questions, but we already have those links, e.g.

3) Tomcat actually supports not only the latest spec. version, but
previous versions as well. It is not a reference implementation

4) If we want to document which spec versions we are using, let's do
it in the documentation webapp or in release notes, not here.


Regarding some other information on the page, my thoughts:

"1","2","3" checkboxes - are they important? Design is pretty and
catching, but are those the tasks to do for every new Tomcat

BTW, "3 Tell us you have installed..." is not functional at all
without a server side script,
and is a feature that I personally do not like (e.g. Sun's "Register
me" page that pops up after installing a JDK on Windows). Maybe
somebody finds such feedback useful?

"1. Now join"
Is done once and not needed later. It is also already written in red
text in the right part of the page.

"2. Configure the Manager App roles"
It is actually a link to error 403 page?  BTW, using tomcat-users.xml
is not the only way to configure authentication. There are other Realm
implementations as well.

There is
(though it does not say how to setup the manager webapp, only how to use it).

BTW, this page may be a recommended reading:

"App Manager" button.  I think it is just "Manager".  BTW, it is
called "Manager App" elsewhere on this page.

Examples webapps links. BTW, those are a single webapp now (were
different webapps in 5.5 and earlier).   Is it right to call them
"Tomcat * examples" ? Most of them were designed as app-server

"Tomcat 7.0 SVN Repository" link -- I think that usually people give
links to the viewvc page, or it would be better to link to  to provide some explanation.

Just technically:
- ASF logo image now links to manager/html. It should link to
These probably were made for this preview, but shall be corrected
before committing:
- examples app links should be relative links, without explicit
- documentation links should go to, or to local /docs/ ?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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