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From Pid <>
Subject Re: OS/X packaging for Tomcat ?
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 20:06:17 GMT
On 30/08/2010 16:52, Henri Gomez wrote:
>> I don't see much benefit in a DMG packaging (for a server application) alone.
>> tar.gz is fine on Mac, and AFAIK a DMG can only be created on Mac OS X.
> Same benefits as a Tomcat.exe for Windows users.
> Easy install for beginers.
>> Other ideas for Mac (though none interests me personally enough to work on
>> it):
>>  * build a preference pane to control (start,stop) Tomcat
>>  * ship a sample launchd configuration
>>  * maybe build a Tomcat installer that
>>  * installs  Tomcat to a well-defined location that works well with the OS X
>> directory layout
>>  * provides a choice to install the launchd configuration or the preference
>> poane for manual control
> That's the idea. Installing Tomcat as an Application/Service with a
> small Prefs Pane

Lots of the content on is
old, some of it is questionable.

A few Mac users have been double clicking the tar.gz and getting a
broken Tomcat because the archive didn't unpack the directories as expected.

Providing a standard .plist, launchd script & instructions for use would
be a start - and a simple script to place them in suitable locations,
like the service installer .bat for Win.


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