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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Links to Sun/Oracle on welcome page
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:12:02 GMT
On 26/08/2010 07:26, Henri Gomez wrote:
> Le 26 août 2010 à 00:44, Konstantin Kolinko <> a écrit
>> 2010/8/25 Mladen Turk <>:
>>> On 08/25/2010 10:53 AM, Rainer Jung wrote:
>>>> What about linking to the Specs? Like
>>> Still, is it so important that this should be listed on
>>> the front page. We already have those links
>>> (should be updated for Tomcat7 BTW) in our documentation,
>>> so having that on the front page makes no sense to me.
>>> I'd rather have them completely removed.
>> I am +1 to remove spec links from ROOT/index.html
> +1

That is +3 for removal (and a possible -0) by my count, so far.  Anyone

>> "1","2","3" checkboxes - are they important? Design is pretty and
>> catching, but are those the tasks to do for every new Tomcat
>> installation?

I don't think the current content is good; I do think that this location
should be used to display Important Things Every User Should Know (or
Do).  It needn't be 123.

>> BTW, "3 Tell us you have installed..." is not functional at all
>> without a server side script,
>> and is a feature that I personally do not like (e.g. Sun's "Register
>> me" page that pops up after installing a JDK on Windows). Maybe
>> somebody finds such feedback useful?

It would be easy to process logs to get that feedback - e.g. if the
version is passed in the URL the user just sees a static 'Welcome' page
- but maybe just the download stats are enough.

>> "1. Now join"
>> Is done once and not needed later. It is also already written in red
>> text in the right part of the page.
>> "2. Configure the Manager App roles"
>> It is actually a link to error 403 page?  BTW, using tomcat-users.xml
>> is not the only way to configure authentication. There are other Realm
>> implementations as well.

I was running out of ideas.  :s

>> There is
>> (though it does not say how to setup the manager webapp, only how to use it).
>> BTW, this page may be a recommended reading:

Yep, that's a really good candidate for the top of the page.

>> "App Manager" button.  I think it is just "Manager".  BTW, it is
>> called "Manager App" elsewhere on this page.

I'll double check links and text for consistency before submitting the
final-ish version.

>> "Tomcat 7.0 SVN Repository" link -- I think that usually people give
>> links to the viewvc page, or it would be better to link to
>>  to provide some explanation.

>> - documentation links should go to, or to local /docs/ ?

That's an interesting point - the existing version links to the local
version.  The network version may/will be more current, so it's probably
better to link to  Objections?

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