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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Again JarScanner and jarsToSkip
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 22:03:01 GMT
On 05/08/2010 11:38, Rainer Jung wrote:
> On 04.08.2010 22:47, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> I'm happy to see all of this configuration completely re-written if that
>> is what is required. That said, this is just a start-up optimisation.
>> I think we need three groups:
>> a) never scan (JAR or TLD)
>> b) default jarsToSkip
>> c) default noTldJar
>> I'd suggest all three being set in with b)&  c)
>> over-ridable per context. Users can over-ride the defaults in
>> if they wish.
> OK, let's focus on this. Using full paths or not can be discussed later.
> Concerning the per context config:
> jarsToSkip and noTldJar are both consumed by the JarScanner. But since
> the JarScanner is very generic, I hesitate a bit adding separate setters
> for noTldJar and jarsToSkip to the JarScanner.
> So options are:
> 1) We can go with only one setting used for both use cases.
> 2) Forget about the abstract value of the JarScanner and simply add both
> setters there.
>    2a) Keep posibility to override the setting by the exsting argument
> in scan method (called by ContextConfig, TldConfig or TldLocationsCache)
>    2b) Remove posibility to override the value scan method (called by
> ContextConfig, TldConfig or TldLocationsCache)
> 3) Add only jarsToSkip setter to JarScanner (used for the web fragments
> scanning) and assume/make noTldJar configurable at TldConfig and/or
> TldLocationsCache (I don't know yet the mechanics of those two).
> 4) Make jarsToSkip and noTldJars configurable outside the JarScanner and
> always passed in via the scan method. jarsToSkip possibly as part of the
> top level context config, noTldJars yet unknown to me.
> I tend for 2) and maybe 2b but don't know enough about possible use
> cases of 2a).

I'd lean toward 4 with both skipTldJars & skipWebFragmentJars configured
on the Context and passed to the components that need it.

> Another thing: still time to make the two names more consistent? Like
> "skipTldJars" and "skipWebFragmentJars" (and "skipAlwaysJars").


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