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From Marc Guillemot <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Add Checkstyle ruleset and make code cleanups!
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 10:28:50 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 12/07/2010 09:39, Marc Guillemot wrote:
>> I find interesting how some (Mark, you) seem to fight against
>> introducing checkstyle and precisely defining what should be the rules
>> although you make exactly this kind of changes.
> Then you completely mis-understand my position.

really? Then please quickly introduce checkstyle for the checks for 
which a consensus exists. Then we can start work.

> ...
>> My feeling is that you really have to wake up. We are in 2010! Tomcat's
>> large user base is surely enough to give you work until you retire but
>> if you have more ambitious goals, you surely should give a look at other
>> projects, like Jetty. In this case there is no discussion to determine
>> who is the winner concerning measures used to ensure code quality! :-(
> Taking a confrontational approach isn't going to win you any friends and
> isn't going to help you achieve the changes you want.

I know, but it is a desperate step. I have tried following approaches:
- provide patches ready to apply -> failed
- start discussion about usage of recognized methods to improve code 
quality -> not really a success
- try to be ironical and to let you know that the concurrence is far 
better here -> according to your comment, it seems that it fails as well

Before to give up I'll try to praise the quality of the code and give 
you all kudos for it. Perhaps is this the right way but I have a 
problem: I don't know how to formulate my wish for code improvements 
when I praise the code at the same time :-(

> I haven't gone back over this thread in detail but I don't recall any
> objections to adding a checkstyle check for tabs in files. I'd suggest
> focusing on that and once that is in place, then see what support there
> is for extending the checks that are enabled / extending the tools used
> (e.g. add FindBugs).

this is exactly what I do.


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