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From Marc Guillemot <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Some todo's at AsyncContext detected...
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 07:28:43 GMT
Hi Mark,

nice to see some activity on this thread.

> If you were following the dev list you would have seen that 
> Jean-Frederic has already vetoed the change Peter made on the basis that 
> it breaks the TCK. That suggests that Peter's analysis of the current 
> situation is not 100% correct.

I do follow it and therefore I'm interested to read more about the 
problems. Jean-Frederic wasn't really generous with comments :-( and 
Peter's email addresses many points.

For me there is a point that is particularly interesting in Peter's email:
 > It seams that we better start a open test suite implementation at the
 > new Servlet 3.0 API.

Tomcat's test suite is quite minimal even if I recognize that promising 
progress has been made in the last months (starting from a desolate 
situation). TCK is opaque and not complete. What about an open source 
Servlet 3.0 compatibility test suite. Other projects would surely be 
interested too.


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