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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r966882 - in /tomcat/trunk: build.xml checkstyle.xml webapps/docs/changelog.xml
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 16:00:27 GMT
On 28/07/2010 03:38, Bill Barker wrote:
> This is probably cruelty against dead horses,  but shouldn't the
> download target be conditional as well?  Since checkstyle is LGPL
> licensed, I really don't think that we should be installing it by
> default for anyone that wants to build Tomcat.

That works for me.

> Being an extremist on
> this issue, I would actually prefer that we remove the download-validate
> target.  This would mean that anyone that wants to use it has to have
> installed it already, and so have accepted the LGPL license.  I for one,
> expect that when I download an Apache product, that it will only install
> compatibly licensed  software.  At least not without warning me otherwise.
> This is a -0: vent.  There is nothing wrong from a licensing stand point
> on how we are using it.

I added a comment in just above the option you need to
override to enable validation.

Hopefully that is a reasonable compromise.


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