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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: org.apache.catalina JMX descriptor modification
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 11:49:00 GMT
On 06/05/2010 03:45, buddhika chamith wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please refer to for
> a longer description about the descriptor issue in above package. The main
> issue is the descriptor for Connector MBean tries to describe different
> connectors with same set of attributes. So some attributes in the descriptor
> doesn't make sense in one connector or the other (Http and Ajp). Connector
> differences arise from attributes of ProtocolHandler class associated with
> the connector and not the connector class it self.
> Currently there are seperate MBeans describing different protocol handler
> attributes as well. This is in addition to some of their attributes being
> partially exposed via associated Connector MBean. As far as I understood
> following are the possibilities for improvements.
> 1. Remove descriptions of ProtocolHandler attributes from Connector MBeans
> since they are described in related ProtocolHandler MBeans as well. We can
> have a attribute reference to the ProtocolHandler objectname in the
> Connector MBean to associate ProtocolHandler to the Connector so that they
> can be retrieved by going through Connnector.
> 2. Extract out common attributes in both ProtocolHandlers and include them
> in Connector MBean attributes. This way it can expose some ProtocolHandler
> attributes directly while refering to the associated ProtocolHandler MBean
> for other attributes.

There are currently 5 different ProtocolHandlers in trunk:

I think I am leaning towards option 2. Have the Connector attributes in 
the connector MBean along with any common ProtocolHandler attributes and 
have separate ProtocolHandler MBeans that have all the attributes for 
the ProtocolHandler. The common attributes would then be accessible via 
the Connector MBean and the ProtocolHandler MBean.

It would be worth adding some comments to the MBean descriptors so folks 
who come along later can figure out what is meant to be where.


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