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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: GSOC 2010
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 11:08:59 GMT
On 28/04/2010 23:05, buddhika chamith wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Just wanted some suggestions on the approach I would take. Currently I am
> examining mbean details by the plan which is based on Tomcat pacakages. What
> I normally do is to look at the mbeans descriptor and check in the described
> mbeans whether all the required attributes and methods are properly exposed
> and correctly mentioned in the descriptor file. I just went through
> org.apache.catalina descriptor without much of a trouble with some minor
> modifications which I would attach as a patch in Bugzilla so that you can
> review it.

That sounds great. Part of the community bonding process is getting an 
understanding of what the Tomcat dev community expects of patches (in 
terms of format, size, coding style etc) so if you have a patch / some 
patches ready to go then please do open a Bugzilla for these. It 
probably makes sense to keep all of the descriptor fixes in a single 
Bugzilla and attach multiple patches. How you break these patches down 
is up to you in the first instance. Per package is one option but if the 
changes for a package are very big / very small it may make sense to 
split the fixes for a package into multiple patches / include the fixes 
for several packages in one patch. Getting a sense of what is the 
'right' size for one of these patches is part of what this process is 
all about.

> Do you have any other idea on how this should be done? (e.g: Have you got
> any specific major improvement ideas related to JMX that I should look in to
> first)

I think your current plan is a good place to start. I'd suggest starting 
with that and seeing how things are going after a couple of weeks. If 
you are way ahead or way behind the plan after a few weeks then we can 
reconsider things then.

I do have some changes I am working on at the moment for Lifecycle 
init()/destroy() that will impact MBean registration and de-registration 
but it should not affect your work on the descriptors.


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