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From Sandro Martini <>
Subject Console for Tomcat
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 00:20:09 GMT
Hi to all,
my name is Sandro Martini and I'm one of the Developers of Apache
Pivot ( ), a RIA Framework.
I cross-posted this to our developers list (here in CC) so other Pivot
developers can join the discussion.

My post here is to see if someone of Tomcat developers is interested
in supporting us making a Console for Tomcat, but instead of usual Web
pages, making it as a RIA Applet or an Application (for example
deployed via Web Start). Or at least if you think this could be an
interesting application for Tomcat.

I haven't looked (yet) at Tomcat sources, but I think that probably
the way Tomcat published data should be extended for our purposes, for
example we are able to read natively xml and also (better choice for
us) json formats. Maybe we could add a parameter in our queries asking
Tomcat for data published in one of those formats.
For security, we already support Basic authentication, and we have a
prototype for Digest authentication.

Some time ago I've seen an experimental feature like this for the
Glassfish 3, but with JavaFX as Client and exchanging data via REST.

In detail, I'm thinking on the following features, to see how things looks:
- Server Status (standard and also the Full version), a prototype
could start to implement this
- List Applications

There could be also the Tomcat Deployer in RIA version.

For a Full Administration Console (I don't see this since a long time)
we have to see later, this is complex and requires many features ...

Do you think the effort could be interesting also for the Tomcat community ?

I hope both projects can collaborate, to start creating a new
generation of Web Applications.

Thanks for the attention and best regards,
Sandro Martini

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