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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Tomcat Connectors 1.2.30
Date Sun, 28 Feb 2010 22:18:46 GMT
On 27.02.2010 12:14, Mladen Turk wrote:
> Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.30 is:
> [X] Stable - no major issues, no regressions
> [ ] Beta - at least one significant issue -- tell us what it is
> [ ] Alpha - multiple significant issues -- tell us what they are

Thanks for RMing and producing the Windows binaries.

A couple of test result, none of them showstoppers:

1) Logging Performance on ISAPI/Windows

The logging changes for Windows seem to dramatically slow down log 
performance. That's not a problem when having only occasional info etc., 
but when switching to debug or trace log operation ow gets really slow. 
E.g. shutting down takes about 5 minutes, one jkstatus call more than a 
minute. I did not built with explicit JK_LOG_LOCKING define, so maybe 
it's the mode 'a+c' change. Didn't have time for one more test. 1.2.28 
does not show that behaviour. There we can log about 20 lines before the 
clock advances by one 15ms tick, with 1.2.30 each log line takes between 
15 and 200 ms.

As said: not a problem as lng as we have usual operation.

2) Chunking ISAPI/Windows

I observed, that recent Firefox doesn't finish receiving jkstatus 
response. Although the full page is shown, the browser status shows it 
is waiting for more. The same was true already for 1.2.28. I didn't test 
any other browser, nor any other dynamic content page. Unfortunately I 
couldn't do a network trace today, because Browser and server were on 
the same box.

3) URL to worker mapping

My test comfiguration contained a mapping for /* and another one for 
/jkstatus. When sending a request for /jkstatus, the /* map was chosen. 
It seems the plugin should have chosen the /jkstatus map, because it is 
more precise. Did not yet check, whether that's new.

4) Libtool 2 and old Solaris, mod_jk for Apache 1.3

You prepared the source using libtool 2. Unfortunatly libttol 2 contains 
shell constructs, that do not work with each shell. On Solaris 8 /bin/sh 
throws errors on the libtool script. Ususally one chooses 
CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ksh, but our Makefiles do not fully support that and 
nevertheless choose SHELL, which is /bin/sh. Will fix next week.

5) ISAPI build

MS VC does support cross compilation, e.g. preparing bins for AMD64 or 
IA64 on a 32 Bit environment. What goes wrong here is, that ISAPI needs 
PCRE, and during PCRE build we compile a binary dftables and then run 
it. So when you compile e.g. for 64 Bits, dftables will also be compiled 
for 64 Bits and then it will not run. You wont notice, if you first 
compile for your build platform, because then dftables works and 
produces the needed output file and afterwards you can build for other 
target environments. Not optimal.

6) Docs

The 2010 news page is only part of the main menu, but missing from the 
menus on the other pages (various project.xml files). The index and 2010 
news page still refer to 1.2.29 as being released.



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