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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: jk/cluster - intelligent systems load
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 13:24:30 GMT
>> If we goes back to the original thread and using Hyperic stuff in a
>> servlet filter or whatever Tomcat extension ?
> Absolutely - a filter would be perfect and will work with any servlet
> engine.

Jetty users will thanks Tomcat community :)

> There are some problems with making sure this doesn't leak out - i.e.
> an X-header inserted by mod_proxy and make sure it filters X-headers
> from the response.

mod_proxy guru around ?

>> Could it be usefull for jk, mod_proxy, mod_cluster ?
>> Or a specific servlet should/could be provided for such collect
>> purpose and it Will be called by remote at it's own rate ?
> That would work too, even better - a status servlet, which may provide
> additional data, like number of sessions, java memory, etc. Don't we have
> one already - dumping all jmx data ? Probably need to output data
> in an easier to parse format, and I guess mod_proxy configuration would
> be a bit tricky if you want to use multiple variables, but doable.

a status servlet could be better, since it could also report
informations about Tomcat engine, like number of ajp/http threads.
A basic format for simple decoding of course :)

BTW, since there is VMWare/SpringSourcer around, could the Hyperic
stuff turned into ASL or BSD licence ?

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