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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Tomcat-Lite update
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 18:54:49 GMT
On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 2:15 AM, Henri Gomez <> wrote:

> >> Any comments on including the experimental SPDY support (
> >> ) ?
> >> I know we had countless debates on JK2 and http proxies, but some extra
> code
> >> to try out doesn't hurt :-)
> >
> > We need a httpd module (like mod_proxy_ajp) for that :-)
> mod_proxy_spdy ? :-)
> Very interesting thread.
> BTW, tomcat-lite is still here ?

Yes. BTW - if you use maven, it'll download, build and test against tomcat6
jars ( since tomcat7 is not in maven ).
You can use lite as a connector with both 6 and 7. As a client library or
http server or subset-of-servlet engine it doesn't depend on anything in
tomcat. The only deps on tomcat are the connector.
( of course - a lot is still missing, as I mentioned connection
management/timeouts/limits need to be added)

Re. mod_proxy_spdy - yes, it would be great if someone could do this. One
missing feature (mentioned - but not specified yet ) - is negotiating a
switch, starting as http and switching to spdy if both ends supports it.
So if you have the spdy code for mod_proxy_spdy - you could also try to hook
it in the normal HTTP connector.

What spdy does:
- real long-lived connection - with multiplexed requests, and no connection
close if a HTTP connection is aborted.
- back-channel from server to client - would help with all the
load-balancing ( for real clients will help in a lot of ajax-stuff )
- some initial negotiation - we can extend it to do some auth / config
- header and body compression / ssl - the spec seems to have them as
mandatory, but we don't have to implement it exactly as is, there are flag

It's certainly not perfect - but not too bad either. I have my doubts about
how it'll work in real world, with proxies and firewalls - but for
reverse-proxy and internal use it's better than the current jk and I think
better than a plain http proxy.


( disclaimer: I don't work on spdy, it's a big company - I just saw the
announcement and seemed a good fit for tomcat )

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