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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: With a view to 6.0.23
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 18:35:24 GMT
On 12/01/2010 18:24, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
> 2010/1/12 Mark Thomas <>:
>> Just doing some testing. Generally looking good. The log buffering does
>> seem to be causing issues with lost messages on windows service
>> shutdown. I'm looking at Kostantin's patch to disable buffering now.
>> That should fix the symptom (good enough for 6.0.23). If it does, I'll
>> try and figure out the root cause.
>> More eyes appreciated.
>> Mark
> Thank you for vote. I would very like to see the JULI FileHandler
> buffering patch in 6.0.23.
> A third vote is required.
> Mark, do you have an alternate patch for BZ 47774 (about
> session.isValid() and listeners executed with a wrong class loader)?
> You once mentioned that you tested it, but none was proposed.

I looked back at the archives. When I said "works for me", I meant "I am
happy with that idea" not "I have tested it and it works". Sorry for my
poor choice of words. I will revisit that patch but I'm happy if it
doesn't make it into 6.0.23.

> Thus far my testing of 6.0.21/22 resulted in that JULI patch and in
> the following bug reports:
> The first one (48438) is one more AccessControlException when running
> with security. It is not serious by its impact, and some fix should be
> easy to find.   I think it is not a show-stopper.


> The second one (48498) is Jasper crashing when trying to report a
> compilation error.
> I've provided reproducers there. I am not so familiar with Jasper code
> to find a fix quickly, but I would like this to be fixed. It is hard
> to develop when Jasper fails to report where (even in what file) your
> error is. I have not tested whether it worked in 6.0.20.

I suspect it didn't. I'm happy with this not making it into 6.0.23 as well.

I think we need to get 6.0.23 out asap. It has been too long since the
last 6.0.x release and there are many, many bug fixes. Once 6.0.23 is
out, there is nothing stopping us doing 6.0.24 a few weeks later if we
think it is justified.


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