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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Several new system properties
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 02:56:53 GMT
First, there is a patch currently in STATUS for TC5.5 and already
applied to TC6,
"Prevent session fixation by changing session ID"
(fix for

As of now, I would agree with Rainer's comment to keep it disabled by
default in TC 5.5.

How about if we implement a system property, that will provide the
default value for AuthentificatorBase.changeSessionIdOnAuthentication

If so, I will agree to have it 'true' by default in TC 5.5, like we
have in TC 6 now since 6.0.21.

Second, there is a feature currently enabled by setting

[cite ref="/config/systemprops.html"]
a call to Response.getWriter() if no character encoding has been
specified will result in subsequent calls to
Response.getCharacterEncoding() returning ISO-8859-1 and the
Content-Type response header will include a charset=ISO-8859-1
component. (SRV.

It is implemented in o.a.catalina.connector.Response#getWriter().

I think it would be reasonable to have a separate system property for
this feature, independent from STRICT_SERVLET_COMPLIANCE, and to set
the default value for the new property to be "true" (instead of the
current effective value of "false").

The behavior of Response#getWriter() is similar in its effect to
AddDefaultCharsetFilter of TC7, but approach implemented by
AddDefaultCharsetFilter is different:  it adds charset to any text/*
mimetype. It will affect static html files as well, which can contain
a <meta> tag specifying their encoding. If encoding specified in
<meta> tag does not match the one provided by Content-Type header,
even if it is just uppercase/lowercase mismatch,  certain browsers may
enable content encoding autodetection, thus breaking things.
Thus when I tried applying AddDefaultCharsetFilter to our examples
webapp in rev.893496 I used a trick to add encoding value to
<mime-type> mappings for html files in its web.xml. The filter applies
the encoding in upper case, while *.html files in the examples have it
in lowercase.

I think that Response#getWriter() is more clear in its behavior, as it
does not affect static resources.

Of course, another filter can be implemented instead of
AddDefaultCharsetFilter to mimic Response#getWriter(), but maybe we
can just reuse what is already implemented, just changing the property
that is used there?

If there are any problems there, they are already exposed by those

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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