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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: DBCP 1.3/1.4
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 07:46:08 GMT

> familiar in what sense? how would jdbc-pool be unfamiliar in terms of
> config?
> I would say the opposite, most users wouldn't even know the difference,
> especially since we don't ship org.apache.commons.dbcp, but we refactor it
> to org.apache.tomcat.dbcp

This refactor has caused queries in the past and I know I have tried
to add commons-dbcp to a webapp myself...

>> +1 to including jdbc-pool

for what it's worth +1 from me.

> given the interface issues with DBCP, sounds like jdbc-pool might be an
> easier way to go.
> jdbc-pool is a bit more flexible should the need to add features arise.
> the only downside to my suggestions above is that jdbc-pool doesn't have
> much developer community around it.
> the usage of it has grown, and the bug reports have been very few and no
> major issues are outstanding.
> unless we can build a community around it, we need to figure out what to do
> with it.

We currently use tomcat-jdbc-pool in production here and as an apache
member I'm quite happy to help support it and help with bugfixes etc
(indeed I'm sure my company would encourage that) as we regard it as a
vital piece of our current architecture.


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