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From David Jencks <>
Subject Problem loading classes with Class.forName() in StandardContext.createWrapper()
Date Sun, 20 Dec 2009 01:12:48 GMT
In the tomcat-7 geronimo/osgi integration we've run into a problem  
when tomcat loads listener classes using Class.forName.  Using the  
InstanceManager to just create the objects works fine for us.

In geronimo at the moment the InstanceManager has access to both  
application and system classes, so it can load just about anything  
that is supplied as a listener class.  If listeners are supposed to  
only be system classes, perhaps adding another method to  
InstanceManager to create system objects would be appropriate.

If changing this is unacceptable for some reason we do have a couple  
of other solutions available such as overriding the method or adding  
the geronimo listener classes in a fragment bundle, but I think using  
the InstanceManager would be a more elegant solution.

See (patch  
included) and

Many thanks!
david jencks

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