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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: DBCP 1.3/1.4
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 01:53:27 GMT
On 12/08/2009 11:04 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> Tim Funk wrote:
>> [I know I'm missing something .. but] Would it be worth dropping dbcp
>> from 7 and just use jdbc-pool?
> I think dropping dbcp would be bad - it is something that is familiar to
> lots of users.
familiar in what sense? how would jdbc-pool be unfamiliar in terms of 
I would say the opposite, most users wouldn't even know the difference, 
especially since we don't ship org.apache.commons.dbcp, but we refactor 
it to org.apache.tomcat.dbcp

> +1 to including jdbc-pool
I'd be all for that :)
> Which one to make the default?
given the interface issues with DBCP, sounds like jdbc-pool might be an 
easier way to go.
jdbc-pool is a bit more flexible should the need to add features arise.
> My very rough (not really thought out and I haven't looked at the code)
> post commons-dbcp 1.4 and commons-pool 1.5.4 ideas are, since both need
> a major refactoring, lets use jdbc-pool as the basis for some of that
> refactoring and essentially bring the two code bases together.
> How viable that is and how long it might take is very TBD.
the only downside to my suggestions above is that jdbc-pool doesn't have 
much developer community around it.
the usage of it has grown, and the bug reports have been very few and no 
major issues are outstanding.
unless we can build a community around it, we need to figure out what to 
do with it.

> Mark
>> -Tim
>> Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> Commons is close to the next DBCP release.
>>> I have been looking at this and there will, unfortunately, still be some
>>> Java 5 with JDBC 3 / Java 6 with JDBC 4 issues. It isn't possible to
>>> work around them without a complete refactoring and/or multiple JARs
>>> and/or use of something like BCEL.
>>> Rather than introduce any of this complexity, I recommend the following
>>> approach.
>>> Continue to ship Tomcat 6 with Java 5 built JDBC 3 support
>>> Ship Tomcat 7 with Java 6 built JDBC 4 support
>>> For the rare occasions where folks using Tomcat 6 want JDBC 4 support
>>> (from the lack of posts on this topic on the users list I don't think
>>> there are that many of them) they can grab the dbcp jar from Tomcat 7
>>> and use that instead.
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