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Subject Re: Storing Tomcat Sessions to MySQL (and Memcached) Round-Robin without sticky sessions
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:24:35 GMT
> Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply.
> In your opinion should we be using local memory to store any session
> data? The discussion right now is to store everything to cache+db and
> nothing in local memory.

The problem with any cache system is cache coherency. Tomcat takes the
easy way out by requiring that sessions be "sticky" to a single box, and
using local access management. Sticky session have well known scalability

The "right" answer, for an arbitrary definition of "right," is a little
more complicated.

A UDP based server to reduce the TCP/IP overhead.
The protocol should be something like this: (pseudo code)

class Session
    UUID session;

Object lockSession(uuid session)
Object lockSession(Object session)
void unlockSession(Object session)
void abandonSession(uuid session)
Object peekSession(uuid session)
Object peekSession(Object session)

> On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 5:06 AM, Mark Woodward <>
> wrote:
>> About 12 years ago, I wrote a system called msession for PHP that was
>> basically a high-speed cache for sessions. I have been using it for PHP
>> sites ever since. The one thing I've never liked about tomcat is sticky
>> sessions. It doesn't scale well enough. With gig ethernet, a shared
>> network
>> based caching system is probably the best way to go.
>> Also, it would be good if the format of the session data could be used
>> by
>> other platforms, i.e. PHP and Tomcat could share sessions.
>> Is anyone actively working on the session management of tomcat?
>> wrote:
>>> Hello, Thanks in advance for your help.
>>> I would like to know if anyone is currently modifying, has modified,
>>> or plans to modify Tomcat 6.0.20 to store/read sessions directly in
>>> Memcached + MySQL to enable session persistence with round-robin and
>>> without sticky sessions?
>>> If so would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?
>>> Our top level design requirement is 'no sticky sessions' + 'round
>>> robin' + 'MySQL or Amazon SimpleDB'
>>> After getting this solution working I would like to donate the code to
>>> the Tomcat project. It will be useful for those wishing to deploy
>>> Tomcat + Amazon EC2 + Amazon Elastic Load Balancer.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Anthony
>>> 925-456-4343
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