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From Luciana Moreira Sa de Souza Signed by - PrivaSphere AG <>
Subject Re: SSL & Tomcat
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 13:59:24 GMT

I just added the patch created by Costin Manolache to prevent the MITM 
attack during re-negotiations for JSSE to our platform. I performed some 
tests and at first I found the solution quite elegant. Nevertheless,  
when I did some debugging to verify if everything was really fine I 
noticed one thing.

It seems that this is a asynchronous approach. When I put a breakpoint 
in the following code the connection was not interrupted.

public void handshakeCompleted(HandshakeCompletedEvent event) {
    if (completed) {

Even after executing the following code I could continue to navigate 
through the website. It seems to me that for some reason the connection 
is not interrupted if there is a certain delay on the execution of the 
code bellow.

                    log.warn("SSL renegotiation is disabled, closing 

It seems to me that the approach with the Listener is asynchronous but 
at the same time this solution seems to require some synchrony to work 

So my question to you is:
How safe this solution is if the server becomes overloaded and delays 
the execution of the HandshakeCompletedListener?

FYI, I ported the patch to tomcat 5.5 which is the one we are currently 
using in our platform. I don't know if this could change the time 
behaviour of the patch.

Luciana Moreira

Costin Manolache wrote:
> Unless someone has a better solution - I'll submit the fix ( tonight ), will
> disable re-negotiation for
> Jsse-mode.
> I added a system property to allow people how don't care about this, IMO by
> default it should
> be on.
> Also got the test case to work - please let me know if it's acceptable to
> commit it, it depends
> on having a .keystore with a 'localhost' cert, didn't find any other SSL
> tests in the suite.
> Forgot that you need to read() after startHandshake() - just cut&pasted the
> code from
> JsseSupport and it worked.

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