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From Mikhail Kryshen <>
Subject UserConfig: alternative implementation
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 23:16:24 GMT

I have implemented host event listener similar to
org.apache.catalina.startup.UserConfig but with support for multiple
webapps per user, automatic deployment and remote user databases on UNIX.

Currently it is available as a separate package that could be added to
tomcat6 classpath and referenced in server.xml.


Implementation details:
Abstract class UserConfig extend HostConfig to reuse automatic deployment
functionality. Two concrete implementations of UserConfig are provided:
PasswdUserConfig uses local passwd file or getent command to list users
and HomesUserConfig reads user home subdirectories in the specified base

I do not think it makes sense to have separate UserDatabase
interface like in current Tomcat implementation because of tight
coupling between the classes: UserDatabase requires UserConfig to access
configuration properties and UserConfig have to have all properties
needed by all UserDatabase implementations.

I could contribute this code as a patch, but need to resolve some issues:
- my implementation is not compatible with current UserConfig in Tomcat
(brake compatibility or name it differently and provide as an alternative
to the original UserConfig?);
- it may be better to separate HostConfig methods useful for UserConfig
in an abstract class to be extended by HostConfig and UserConfig;
- javadoc comments may need correction (I'm not native English).


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