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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46571] read timeout while reading response
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 17:44:36 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Rainer Jung <> 2009-10-02 10:44:34 PDT ---
We can also use apr_poll_method_defname() to detect, whether the event "port"
mechanism is used in the existing APR lib and then check for the right minimum
version. This can be done in an m4 macro during configure, like we do today,
but also in java/org/apache/tomcat/jni/ during tcnative

Both ways are useful:

- configure to detect the problem early
- runtime init to detect in case compile APR and runtime APR are not the same

Open question: should the library only warn but still start in case "port" is
used and the loaded APR version is to old, or should it refrain from starting.
I vote for not starting then, because if "port" is returned by
apr_poll_method_defname() we know we are on a platform with the problem and we
should expect it to happen under load. If it happens it is very hard to analyze
what's going on. So better tell people, that the versions they are using are
simply not right.

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