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From Uwe Günther <>
Subject Re: Bug workflow
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 18:33:59 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Thank you. Help closing bugs is always much appreciated.

Thank you too.

> - security bugs (handled on a private list)
> - regressions
> - things I (or my employer*) care about
> - oldest open 5.5.x or 6.0.x bug without a patch
> - enhancements
> * This only applies during work hours :)

I am gonna pin this on my wall. :-)

> Normally no. Mainly, I think, because we rarely get clashes. Most bugs
> don't take that long to fix so the likelihood of clashes is small. As
> the number of open bugs decreases (there are now less than 50 open bugs
> against tc5 and tc6 without patches) the chances of a clash increase.
> I'd suggest if you find yourself spending more than an hour on a bug it
> is worth noting it. I'd also suggest you include a rough time frame for
> when you expect to have an update so other folks can tell if a bug is
> being worked on or not.

Thanks for pointing that out and makes sense to me. So we will see how 
ti goes. :-)

Kind Regards
Uwe Günther

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