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From Uwe Günther <>
Subject Re: Bug workflow
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 18:14:48 GMT
So I wasn't so wrong with the first one. Unfortunately there was nothing 
to code at all.

So I am gonna go for some odd ones and go on with the good things to do.

How does this work for non commiters; if they have a patch? Ok, 1st 
attach the patch to the bug, 2nd...?

Kind Regards
Uwe Günther

Tim Funk wrote:
> It differs by the person. So here is a wild guess ..
> But I would guess bugs are usually fixed 1st by interest. For example: 
> Crap that bug affects my stuff too, I should look at that.
> Other bugs are fixed by how interesting they. For example: hmmm .. that 
> seems odd - I think I'll look at that.
> Other bugs are fixed because they are there and its a good thing to do.
> I'm not sure about everyone else, but I think the general concensus is 
> priority is useful in distinguishing enhancement vs bug. But high 
> priority vs low seems ignored.
> Security fixes typically don't go into bugzilla. They are reported 
> privately to the security list.
> -Tim
> Uwe Günther wrote:
>> So I could set this one to resolved! Thanks Tim.
>> Some other questions are popping up in my head right now:
>> - How do you guys to choose which bugs to fix first?
>>   OK there are priorities, you are able to fix some bugs,
>>   others are more difficult to you, some are security
>>   relevant, ....
>> - If you pick up a bug for fixing, do you flag that up
>>   somewhere in Bugzilla?
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