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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk shm and locking questions
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:45:59 GMT
On 16.09.2009 17:38, Michael Durket wrote:
> In working on a private copy of the mod_jk module, I notice that mod_jk
> doesn't seem to use
> either the EAPI shared memory management routines (in Apache 1.3)  and
> in Apache 2.2
> doesn't appear to use the APR routines for either shared memory or
> locking (except for the
> log lock).
> Before I make changes, I'd like to know if this is historical, and
> someone just never got around
> to updating it, or if it's intentional because you know about some
> severe problems/bugs associated
> with the APR libraries such that using their locking mechanisms and
> shared memory routines
> won't work.

Mostly historical. mod_jk uses a lot of common code for supporting the
Apache web server, but also IIS and Sun web servers.

That code was historically written without the use of APR.

There is a long standing idea of migrating everything to APR and thus
introducing the APR dependency even for the ISAPI and NSAPI variants.

Using EAPI fpr httpd 1.3 would have also introduced a dependency that's
not fulfilled e.g. by the default httpd 1.3 source download.



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