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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject svn re-org complete
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 22:37:12 GMT
The svn re-organisation is complete.

I have tested the 5.5.x build and got pretty close to the 5.5.28
release. The differences appear to be attributable to post 5.5.28 fixes
and that I am building using a different JDK version. One big difference
is that the jk and native sources or no longer included. I think this is
a good thing.

I haven't tested the jk or native builds but from past experience of
building them I think they'll be OK.

Generally, I think we'll need to be vigilant for the next releases of
each, particularly for missing LICENSE/NOTICE files.

Other points of interest:
- svn up of a sparse checkout of the Tomcat tree with all the trunks is
quicker due to the lack of externals
- as the changes to the svn web page show, the structure is a lot
simpler and needs far less explanation

This is the point where I am going to call it a night. It you notice
anything horribly broken, let me know and I'll take a look over the weekend.


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