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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Regarding JmxRemoteLifecycleListener
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 15:14:08 GMT
Rainer Frey (Inxmail GmbH) wrote:
> On Friday 07 August 2009 15:49:38 Mark Thomas wrote:
>> Rainer Frey wrote:
>>> 1. Revision 751496 was commented with "Tomcat uses Platform MBean server.
>>> Adjust listener accordingly." and removed the separate configuration
>>> for "Catalina" mbean server and registry. Was this accompanied by a
>>> change in tomcat itself, and if so, with which released tomcat version
>>> does the current revision work? Or should I use an older revision with
>>> released tomcat 6?
>> You can either use an older version or patch Tomcat 6.
> Thanks for the info, and the amzingly quick answer. Are there plans to add at 
> least this patch to tomcat 6? I will bundle the JmxListener with an 
> application that comes with a tomcat inside, and would prefer to use a binary 
> build for that.
>>> 2. Are there plans to add this listener to Tomcat 6 release?
>> Not at present.
> Was it denied, or never proposed? I remember from messages on the user mailing 
> list you originally wanted to get this ready for 6.0.19.

I never proposed it. I'll propose that and the Platform MBean
simplification for 6.0.x later today.

>>> 3. I think of trying to backport this to Tomcat 5.0 for our internal use.
>>> Do you think this is possible/feasible without knowledge of tomcat code
>>> level internals? What was the situation regarding the mbean servers then?
>> It should be reasonably portable. The listener doesn't touch any Tomcat
>> internals apart from the listener interface, the string manager and the
>> logger. Fixing any issues should be simple. Worst case - delete the
>> references.
> Again, I sould base it on the revision with the additional catalina mbean 
> server, right?

Yes, unless you patch Tomcat.


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