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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Regarding JmxRemoteLifecycleListener
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 13:49:38 GMT
Rainer Frey wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some questions about the JmxRemoteLifecycleListerner that was added to 
> trunk.
> 1. Revision 751496 was commented with "Tomcat uses Platform MBean server. 
> Adjust listener accordingly." and removed the separate configuration 
> for "Catalina" mbean server and registry. Was this accompanied by a change in 
> tomcat itself, and if so, with which released tomcat version does the current 
> revision work? Or should I use an older revision with released tomcat 6?

You can either use an older version or patch Tomcat 6.

> 2. Are there plans to add this listener to Tomcat 6 release?
Not at present.

> 3. I think of trying to backport this to Tomcat 5.0 for our internal use. Do 
> you think this is possible/feasible without knowledge of tomcat code level 
> internals? What was the situation regarding the mbean servers then? (I know 
> Tomcat 5.0 is not supported, but perhaps someone can be kind and give a hint; 
> we will upgrade, but it is not possible before a new major release of our 
> software which bundles tomcat).

It should be reasonably portable. The listener doesn't touch any Tomcat
internals apart from the listener interface, the string manager and the
logger. Fixing any issues should be simple. Worst case - delete the


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