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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject svn re-org imminent
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 11:41:09 GMT
Just a reminder that once 5.5.28 is released, I am planning to re-org
svn. If you have checkouts of 5.5.x, jk, native, isapi, nsapi this will
affect you.

My plan to handle this is to:
- check-in what I can beforehand
- re-checkout each of the components to a new location
- copy any locally modified files across
- delete the old checkouts

I am currently planning the following changes:

New stuff
    /build      - moved from /build/tc5.5.x
    /connectors - moved from /connectors/trunk
    /container  - moved from /container/tc5.5.x
    /jasper     - moved from /jasper/tc5.5.x
    /servletapi - moved from /servlet2.4-jsp2.0-tc5.x/
  /branches     - empty
  /tags         - moved from the build/connector etc dirs
  /trunk        - moved from /connectors/trunk/jni
    /1.1.x      - moved from /connectors/branches/1.1.x/jni
  /tags         - moved from /connectors/tags/other
  /trunk        - moved from /connectors/trunk/jni/jk
    /jk3        - moved from /connectors/trunk/jni/jk3

The remaining build, connectors, container etc will be moved to the
archive as will:
along with any other old files such as readme.txt

The current directories will be removed.

I'll move the KEYS, NOTICE and LICENSE for Tomcat 5 to the tc5.5.x/trunk

I'll fix any issues the move makes with the build scripts.

I'll update the svn page on the website.


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