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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Taglibs SVN migration to Tomcat
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 05:04:22 GMT
SVN move done. The Jakarta side points over to Tomcat for now, I'll be
retiring what's left over there later.

I hand edited the RDC website to point over to the Tomcat SVN location
on  The Standard taglib's site is not in a happy
state so I'll be working on getting that setup next. Rahul and I both
have the tomcat unix group now, so I'll work on moving the sites over
into this week; and setting up the redirects
on the Jakarta side.


On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 1:48 AM, Henri Yandell<> wrote:
> Post discussion between Tomcat PMC and Jakarta PMC (with myself as the
> go between), the Jakarta Taglibs subproject is going to move over to
> Tomcat land. Chiefly this means:
> * The JSTL implementations: 1.0, 1.1 and unreleased 1.2.
> * RDC Taglib.
> * An in development 'extended' taglib.
> The Jakarta Taglibs site will become a Retired page, and move into the
> Attic once a few remaining bits of code have been picked over for the
> extended taglib. A year or so.
> I'd like to do the SVN move, dev@ permitting. This would mean
> something like the following in the ASF public repo:
> tomcat/
>  taglibs/
>      standard/
>         tags/
>         branches/
>         trunk/
>      extended/
>         tags/ (empty)
>         branches/ (empty)
>         trunk/
>      rdc/
>         tags/
>         branches/ (empty)
>         trunk/
>      site/   [subsite ->]
>      taglibs-parent/   [maven parent pom]
> The tags and branches are generally historical in that they're hard to
> build directly as there are missing parent build.xml and common.xml
> files. Trunk uses Maven 2 as its build system. If a JSTL 1.0 or JSTL
> 1.1 bugfix is needed, then migrating them to Maven2 or fixing their
> build systems are options.
> Tomcat svn karma would be given to bayard, kris + rahul.
> Mailing lists - I'm thinking of moving the taglibs-user@ list from
> Jakarta to Tomcat while killing the taglibs-dev list in favour of
> dev@tomcat.
> Anyway - all open to discussion + debate; let me know what works best
> from this list's point of view.
> Hen

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